• School Clip Art || Need clipart? It's always useful in all kind of projects.


  • Eternal Egypt || Full of rich media [heavy on bandwidth] but an excellent resource.
  • Let's Discover || A great resource for teachers when planning for children.
  • The British Musem || Designed specifically for kids with a lot of activities.

Deal with the Issues:

  • Bully Off | A complete guide to stamping out bullying
  • Bullying Online || A look at bullying from every angle. Questions and answers.

Just Great Fun:

  • ABC Games || It's Australian and it's fun. Try it.
  • Kevin's Playroom || Made by students for students.
  • Primary Games || Play some games while you learn. Always a great way to gain knowledge.
  • Yahooligans || A search engine made specifically for kids.

Learning Theories:


  • English Resources || Something for every age group. A comprehensive list of materials.
  • Mike Jubb || Teaching tips and lesson ideas for promoting writing

Managing Behaviour:


  • Creating Music || Yes, you can use ICT to teach music too – get the rhythym, melody and mood happening.



  • BBC Schools Web Pages || A host of educational materials for teachers and pupils.
  • By Teachers || Useful resources put together [yep, you guessed it] by teachers…
  • ClickTeaching || A useful resource of lesson plans and ideas for primary teachers
  • ICT GCSE || Lots of letters which all mean resources for people doing their GCSE in ICT.
  • Learn Things || Sounds simple enough – a huge range of free learning resources.
  • Lucky Dip Links English Teacher Resources || Free downloadable worksheets, educational resources, quality links and search facilities for secondary teachers of English as well as other subject areas
  • Kestrel Education || Leading organisation in the UK in the whole-school approach to the teaching of thinking. A unique approach to teaching thinking tools and strategies to young people.



  • Data Loggerama || Learn science using ICT.
  • Planet Science || It's all about making science a fun activity. Excellent for teachers and students.

UK Essentials:

  • BECTA || British Educational Communications and Technology Agency
  • Curriculum Online || It's handy when you want to spend some E Learning Credits
  • Dfes || Department for Education and Skills
  • NGFL || National Grid For Learning
  • Ofsted || The Office for Standards in Education
  • TES || The Times Education Supplement
  • The Standards Site || Schemes of work and QCA's