One of the real fears male teachers face all the time as we teach is that we never know if a pupil in our care may turn on us and make a false accusation. I say ‘male’ because I think this is more likely to happen with male teachers, even though there have been a few incidents of late which have involved our female colleagues as well.

I myself, was called into the headteacher’s office a few years ago and had to sit and listen to an official complaint from a child in my class who had made a false accusation against me. Luckily for me, my headteacher was supportive and the matter was very quickly resolved. The child soon admitted they had made the accusation because they were angry and I was pardoned of any inappropriate behaviour.

However, it sent shockwaves through my soul at the time and is not an experience I would wish upon anyone.

Reading through this article today, ‘The whole thing turned into hysteria’, I can fully appreciate the feelings of frustration that this teacher must have had to cope with as he fought the ‘system’.

I take my hat off to him. I am not so sure I would be left to comment after going through such an ordeal. The suicide rate for teachers has always been a concern. Stories like this make you realise just how and why…