There is a lot of talk lately about how teachers are not doing the right thing. It is said that standards are down and children are not being given the basic knowledge required that will equip them for life. Of course, it is not a new theme. Politicians and parents often blame teachers for their woes and teachers know that it is never going to be possible to please everybody all of the time.

But let’s get back to the original statement that teachers are not doing enough to teach children these days. Could it be that the world is changing, that what once happened is now no longer a reality? Teachers were once people who had respect in society. A child at one time, would never dreamed of answering back their teacher and swearing anywhere near an adult was viewed as a major sin. And yet look at how it is now. Teachers are subjected to abuse, swearing, and even physical abuse from children, often on a daily basis. The laws say teachers cannot punish a child. Suspending children from schools does not solve the solution – it simply places a temporary halt to the problem – and parents refuse to accept that they are doing anything wrong. It is a ‘pass the parcel’ situation which goes on and on while the problem continues to increase in intensity.

Yes, times have changed.

Of course, it must be said that this is not the scenario in every school and there is still a high percentage of children who show excellent manners, a deep desire to learn and who will go on to be respected members in our community.

The issue, however, is that the level of disrespect and abuse has increased. It is certainly an area for concern for all teachers. But not for teachers alone. It is a problem that should concern every member of our society.

And now, today a news story has merged from the County of Durham which is enough to send a shiver down every teacher’s spine across the whole country.

A 12-year Old Pupil Charged With Teacher Rape.

Story update: [17-01-05]

Unless the authorities are willing to back and support teachers and force children to understand that this kind of behaviour will never be acceptable, education as we currently understand it, will very quickly become a part of history.

It’s more than just a story. It’s very frightening!