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Software Review: Education City

Education City

With online access speeds ever increasing and schools wanting to make sure that they get the most from their tight-budgets, new online resources such as Education City are proving to be very popular. The one big advantage of course, is that they are regularly updated and maintained, meaning there is no need for schools [especially ICT Co-ordinators] to have to do it all themselves.

Schools subscribe to the service and buy as many modules as they wish. All of the core subject areas are covered, with Science, Maths and English proving to be very popular with teachers and students alike. The activities are all presented in a cartoon-type format and mix humour with bright colours to present the topics. Children are motivated by the certificates awarded and teachers enjoy the flexibility that the resources offer.

With new modules being added all the time, such as relatively new Homework service], Education City is sure to be available for some time to come. Check with your local LEA to see if they have a subscription, as it is much cheaper to subscribe and run through a caching system if possible.

Rating: 9/10

Price: Variable [dependent on LEA involvement] but otherwise around £100 per year, per module for a site licence.

Age Suitability:
KS1 to KS3

Recommended: Broadband Internet connection, headphones and computers with at least 256 Ram and 1.5ghz + CPU.


  1. Great review, thanks!

    I’m currently searching for education headphones that I can kit out my classroom with for this kind of online resource and other PC work.

    What do you think of the ones in the link? Do you guys recommend any in particular?

  2. Is EducationCity research-based?

  3. Hi Loria,

    Quoting from the people at Education City themselves, they state that:
    Our Mission

    • to delight children globally, with the opportunity of learning
    • to engage and inspire children in their personal development
    • to enable teachers and parents to nurture future generations
    I know they are used by over 10,000 schools across the UK, so I would imagine that yes, they are research based, but I am unable to give a guarantee. Perhaps send them an email and see what they have to say?


    Please let us know what you find out.

  4. The site provides a lot of detail about the curriculum and targets the games accordingly. They provide similar information I have found on government/official educational sites so I think they probably do a lot of research.
    As a parent I think its a great site, and have found the information they provide invaluable. It records everything the children do and is a good way of understanding and learning about the childrens’ knowledge and skills. I have been able to target specific areas where they need extra support, information that whilst the schools have, dont provide to the parents.

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