Book TemplatesI must admit, I cringe whenever I hear teachers bring up the topic of Microsoft Powerpoint presentations in their teaching. Having watched [and heard] every single transition effect with all of the accompanying sounds, another Powerpoint presentation could well be the straw that breaks this camel’s back.

Fortunately, Microsoft Powerpoint can be used in other ways.

Take book templates as one example. Simply throw in a nice background on a slide, jazz it all up to look like a book and before you know it, students are writing their own books and having fun in Literacy.

I came across the idea via some boring conference one day and although the original template I was given was about as exciting as watching grass grow, with a bit of imagination, they really can work. I have used them with children in year 2 up to Year 6 and they all enjoy them. Add sounds, movie files, even something as simple as recording themselves reading their stories. It’s easy and it’s highly effective. Continue reading