1. Depending on the age of the students in your care, avoid email use on the wider net until you feel your students have shown they are ready to move on with safety. At our school, we encourage emails and even have some lessons where the children are not allowed to speak to one another verbally, but they are allowed to communicate via email. It means the children have no choice but to learn the email skills correctly and they also come to realise that incorrect sentence structure and lack of grammar can make it difficult for the recipient to read. Text-speech is not allowed and all email is through the Intranet only.

2. Encourage sensible aliases for monitored email and chat exercises.

3. Set up an account or accounts for pupils via an online email system such as G-Mail and monitor for correct use. Have all messages copied and forwarded to your own teacher account as a means of keeping control until you feel the student is ready to go it on their own. Set all spam filters and safety configurations appropriately. Continue reading